Organic Asparagus and 2018 Still White Wine Bundle

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Limited Seasonal Offer

600g Local Organic Asparagus

1 x Bottle 2018 Still White Wine

Sold Out



For a limited time we are offering a 600g bunch of organic asparagus, paired with a bottle of our award winning 2018 Still White Wine.

Dalwood Vineyard syndicate members Mel and John grow their own asparagus and due to the Covid-19 outbreak there is less demand from their usual customers at River Cottage and Trill Farm. They’re now offering their organic asparagus to Dalwood customers, as the perfect seasonal pairing with our 2018 Still White.

£25 for the bundle, including delivery (we can deliver locally or ship with the wine).

Please note that this is a seasonal offer and availability will vary week by week depending on the weather and demand. 

Contact us via the website or text 07909546426.